The Psychology of Curb Appeal

The Psychology of Curb Appeal

You probably already know that people buy with emotion and justify their decisions with logic.

That’s why you’re doing everything possible to set the right stage when buyers tour your home. You want them to feel that this is the house for them.

And that’s one reason why curb appeal is so important.

That first impression sets the tone – and creates the expectation for what those buyers will find when they get inside. If the exterior of the house says “wow” they’re going to expect more “wow” when they go in – and that’s what they’ll be looking for.

However, if things on the exterior are a bit shabby, messy, or dirty, they’ll go in expecting to see signs of deferred maintenance, or worse. And that’s what they’ll be looking for.

Of course, the same does carry through once inside the house. If the buyers first impression inside the front door is of a clean, well-kept house, they’ll be looking for more reasons to like what they see. Then they’ll probably overlook a few dishes in the sink or toys all over a bedroom floor. They might not even notice if you forgot to polish a bathroom mirror.

We humans tend to see what we want to see and what we expect to see – regardless of what is really in front of us.

On the other hand, if they see clutter and a muddy rug, they’ll be looking for more reasons to cross it off the list and move on to the next house.

That’s why we say you can’t sell a house the same way you live in a house. Instead, you have to stay vigilant about keeping everything “show ready.”

So use some psychology on those buyers – and let their first impression trigger the emotions that make them to look for reasons why this is the house for them.

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