Chief Investment Strategist, Realtor, AFS, ALHS, RCC, CNHS

Willie Swisher

Willie Swisher
Willie Swisher is the Chief Investment Strategist for South Haus Living and a licensed Realtor in the state of Texas. Willie is a native Houstonian with a wealth of knowledge of the city and the real estate market. He brings to our clients over $50 million in real estate transactions. Willie's background encompasses a wealth of experience - over 20 years of consumer marketing, client service and business ownership, with an underpinning of finance education. After years of leading the marketing effort for a Fortune 500 company and successful ownership of two businesses, he turned to his passion for real estate and client service - drawing on vast experience - to provide our clients a satisfying outcome. His marketing insight in the digital transformation of the real estate market allows our group to maximize values for our clients. You will find Willie's acumen in Houston real estate provides our clients a strong foundation in making successful decisions regarding your purchase or sale. Willie is an Accredited Financial Scholar, and certified in Luxury Homes, Residential Construction and New Homes.
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What People Say

OUTSTANDING, I would most highly recommend – we were hesitant buyers and her team was patient, helpful, knowledgeable and personable!

Sarah R. Real Estate Purchase

Nice to work with! Helped me lock in a great deal and close the property in a very short time.…

Wayne J. Investor

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